Efficient And Free At Home: Japanese Weight Loss Method

Unfortunately, the majority of people do not have time for a morning run or lack of will to remain consistent with their diets. Well, mostly, as a lighter option, select weight loss pills, weird plant-based beverages and different ways to reduce excess weight. If we could just lie, without doing anything and yet still lose weight would be the best.

Regardless of how skeptical are you the last thing is possible.

The Japanese have incredible great development of ways to reduce weight, which fully compete with each other at ease and efficiency.

Carefully read the following.

Japanese doctor Fukucudzi helps people who have problems with weight, to lose weight for more than 10 years.

It is a method not a diet. It does not contain any strenuous exercises and most importantly you do not need any money.

What you need is?

– Large towel (40 cm in length and from 7 to 10 cm of thickness)

– Strong string

– Horizontal space

– 5 minutes of your precious time.

1. Roll the towel and fix it using the string making sure the towel will stay rolled.

2. Lay down. Position your body so that the towel falls to the spine – just below the belly button.

3. Your legs should come to the width of your shoulders. Tap the big toes and make sure between the toes there is 20 cm of space.

We will now show some photos on how exactly your hands and feet should be placed:


Hold carefully because during this exercise bones and joints are slightly distorted.

Be persistent and tenacious because that is the only way to ensure your success with this method.


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