7 Suitable Workouts That You Should Definitely Do Everyday In Order To Lose Weight

Any weight loss program involves a lot of hard work and dedication towards successfully cutting down some excess pounds from your body. It is really important to come out of your comfort zone and do some work out that really brings fruitful results in the process of weight loss. So, in spite of the diet and all the dedication you have to lose weight, it becomes essential to do some regular exercise routines that help you shed certain pounds. Following are the super seven suitable workouts that will help you lose weight and bring you back in shape.

Swiss ball core workout

As the name suggests, the workout will require a Swiss ball that acts as the surface or a weight that helps you work on the abs, obliques and all the deep core muscles which most conventional ab workouts leave untouched. This is the best core workout that activates the core muscles by extending the range of motion on the crunch.

Kettlebell workout

You can use this kettlebell workout as a form of transition from one big calorie burning exercise and still lose weight in the process. They do not have a strong impact on your heart so it is great to do them as many times you would like to. Once you get the rhythm and the flow you can just increase the speed to an optimal level and then blast the fat faster.

Chair Dips

It is as simple as staying in a chair plank position and just doing some dips. To do this workout you should hold on to the seat behind you and straighten the legs in front and then prop them up on the other chair in from of you. You should then lift yourself off the seat and then bend elbows to lower your body towards the floor. By doing this you will work on the biggest muscles in your arms and thighs and burn maximum number of calories.

Bingo wings blaster

With the bingo wings blaster it is greatly easy to banish the stubborn flabby upper arms. Just a 10 minute bingo workout is just sufficient for a day. This exercise tones up the triceps and the muscles above your elbow so that the arms get strengthened well.

Butt workout

A butt workout is much needed if you have a droopy butt. You can get the perfectly toned posterior by following the workout for about 8 to 10 minutes. The workout not just tones up your butt but also strengthens the thighs and back as well.

Walking Lunges

This is a standing and walking exercise where you stand tall with your feet together and take large step forward with left leg. Then you need drop into a lunge by bending both the knees to 90 degrees. Keep your torso upright but still keep your chest up and shoulders back. Keep your balance is very important in this point. Steep your back forward and bring your feet together. After this you can do the same procedure with your right leg as well.


Though crunches are totally not weight loss, they are perfect for you stay in shape and strengthen your muscles all together. The crunches will build strength and tone in your abdominal muscles. In order to burn the fat near the major muscle in your stomach, the crunches are one best solution. Not just losing weight but it is greatly efficient workout to get the six pack look.

So these were the amazing 7 workouts that you need to incorporate in your weight loss regime to avail the number of benefits. If your goal is also fitness along with weight loss then you can reduce your body fat and also stay in a good shape with the above mentioned workouts. To lose weight, place your focus on exercise activities that are more effective at burning calories so that you’re working toward creating a caloric deficit. To maximally reduce your body fat percent, you’re going to have to start in every place where you spend some free time.


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