This Miraculous Weight Loss Drink Burns Fat With Super-Speed!

the trusted and famous Doctor Oz, has proved that the green tea is perfect for detoxification of the body, so it’s not a huge surprise that he selected the green tea as main ingredient during the creation of this weight loss drink. Doctor Oz mixed the green tea with orange and mint, and proved that it helps in the weight loss process, it stimulates the metabolism and it detoxifies the body.

Doctor Oz, constantly states that only one cup of green tea a day will provide powerful benefits for the body – it will decrease the risk of heart attack and cancer, it controls the levels of blood sugar, improves your mood, it stimulates the metabolism for twelve% and it strengthens the immune system.
The recipe for this weight loss drink:


-1 liter of water

-1 orange

-fresh mint
-5 green tea bags

Method of Preparation:

In boiled water you should add five green tea bags and let them in it for five minutes before you remove them. Meanwhile, cut the orange into slices. In one bigger jar put the mint, the orange slices and the green tea all together. Then close the jar and leave it for the whole night in order for the ingredients to mix well. And the next day, you should consume the whole tea. The ideal way of consuming this beverage is to drink 1 cup on an empty stomach in the morning, and the rest before you go to bed at night. And the most importantly,

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