What Is Your Ideal Weight According To Your Height, Age & Body Shape

Family history of genetics, environment, metabolism (the way in which the organism is transforming oxygen and food into energy), behavior or habits are just some of the many factors that impact the individual’s weight.

What Is Your Ideal Weight According To Your Height, Age & Body Shape

In order to have good health, it is very important for everyone to have healthy weight which could be very useful in the prevention of some diseases and health conditions. Obese or overweight people are more vulnerable of experiencing severe health problems, like hypertension, heart disease, gallstones, type II diabetes, breathing difficulties and cancers. This means that the proper body weight is very important. It makes you more resistant to many health problems, make you feel better and provides you with more energy.

Your energy balance does not have to be the same every day in order to keep your weight healthy. You will maintain your healthy weight with if you keep your balance over time.
The ideal weight and the healthy weight are the same thing. The best weight for one’s body is the ideal weight, but there are some limits. The fashion of excessive weight loss are the things that most of the women normally prefer, and which had negative effect on the world in the recent years. Still, the rule of a “golden middle” should be respected.

There are many weight charts which on which you can find out your healthy weight, but the chart in this article is different from the others, since it is made through many difficult calculations and studies by the experts and doctors.

In this chart you will not find any advices for unhealthy proportions and it detects the healthy weight of a person by taking in consideration these factors: height, age and body form.

Take a look at the chart and find out how close are you to your healthy weight by considering your characteristics.

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