Wondering how to lose arm fat? Go for these sure shot ways and go sleeveless!

Flabby upper arms are detested by everyone and why not, they ruin your look and make you feel conscious and insecure. Most of us would have dreaded to look at our arms in a sleeveless dress as they looked bulky and weird. Losing upper arm fat tends to be difficult and slow, which can frustrate and de-motivate us. The ones who have such bulky arms, try to find best answers to one question-‘how to lose arm fat!’ Fortunately, there are ways that will help you lose fat from upper arms. Like any exercise or work out regime, these require dedication too. Follow these sure shot ways to lose fat from upper arms and flaunt your beautiful arms in those sleeveless dresses you always want to wear.

1. Lifting weights

Lifting weights is a time tested exercise to not only lose fat from upper arms but also remove belly fat and strengthen the core. You can do this exercise at home or while sitting in your cubicle. You just need a 2 litre water bottle.

This is a very easy and effective method to tone your muscles. All you have to do is sit at the edge of a chair, hold the water bottle with both your arms and lift it over your head. Keep your arms straight and lower the weight. Try to reach as low as you can without hurting yourself. You need to do 3 sets of 20 reps; after each set, rest for a minute and continue again. Try to increase the weight or time to tone your arms effectively.

2. Chair Dips

This exercise tones both arms and back muscles. Choose a sturdy chair or bed, which is at least 2 feet higher than the ground. Whatever furniture you choose, must hold the ground otherwise you may hurt yourself.

Leave a 3 feet free space in front of the chair. Face away from the chair and place both your hands on it. Keep your arms shoulder width apart. Move 3 steps away from the chair while keeping your upper body straight. Now, bend your knees to match the furniture, bend your elbows and finally, move your whole body to the ground. The goal is to touch the ground and to resume your normal position. Do 3 sets of 20 reps every day.

3. Scissors

This is one of the most fun and effective exercises to lose fat from upper arms. This workout also acts as a cardio to keep your heart fit. Begin the exercise by standing straight and lifting your arms to shoulder length in front of you.

Now, stretch your arms to the side and bring them back to your front. Your right hand should overlap your left; this will seem like an open scissors. Hence, the name! Stretch the arms back to your sides and finally bring them back to the front. Only, this time your left hand must over lap the right one. This makes a complete rep; do this in 3 sets of 10 reps every day.

4. Arm Circles

Arm Circles are a popular exercise to shape flabby arms. This is a low intense work out that you can do with or without weights. You can use two 500 ml bottles as weights for the exercise. Stand straight with your feet placed firmly and shoulder width apart.

Extend your arms sideways raised to your shoulder length; hold a bottle in each hand. Form 50 small circles with your hands basically by rotating them in the forward direction. After completing that, switch the directions to form 50 small backward circles. This exercise will tone your triceps, biceps, shoulders and back muscles. You will also get arms to die for!

5. Single Arm Lateral Raise

This is a very effective workout regime that can be slightly taxing but the results will be completely worth it. Begin the exercise in a push-up position by placing hands and knees directly under the shoulders, holding a 500 ml water bottle or dumbbells in your left hand.

Slowly, raise your torso up till your right hand is perfectly straight and your left hand is parallel to the floor. Hold the position for 5 seconds and slowly lower your body to the starting position. Repeat this exercise by switching the weight to the right arm. You can do it in a set of 3 of 10 reps.

Now that you know, ‘how to lose arm fat’, you can start with the above mentioned exercises which will help tone your arms and cut the extra flab. But you must make sure that you do them every day. These exercises are easy and quick; you can do them almost anywhere. Make sure that you take a minute’s rest between each set of any exercise.

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