Although it is something that we intend to change every year ...

We always found a moment with the urgency to lose weight dramatically in a very short period.

Are you wondering desperately how to lose 10 kilos in a week despreoc├║pate: you are not alone and that can certainly be satisfied;? just keep reading this article.

It seems a lie that a diet allows us to lose 10 kilos in a week; but what's even more amazing is that it includes many delicious foods that we consider and we can not juggle access or completely change our routine read more link at the bottom....

It is important to remember what the most recommended habits are when you want to lose weight quickly and effectively.

The first thing is to drink plenty of water: in the early days of diet, a person loses too much fluid. Not only we should drink water to replenish this loss, but also to stimulate it. Simultaneously, with this we get rid of toxins, ie we detoxify us.

On the other hand, consider what restrictions that apply to every day is: avoid sugar, and only consume naturally in fruits.

You have to choose only very lean cuts of meat. You have to cook the meat without oil and season with little salt (sodium gives an appearance of swelling that goes against the objectives of our diet.

How to lose 10 kilos in a week?

    Now: this is the diet. Every day you should start it with a fruit juice (if citrus, much better).

Add a boiled egg and if you want to sum a cup of tea or coffee (no sugar); but if you prefer, leave the infusion to half tomorrow. because with this you will calm anxiety.

    Then lunch will consist of a fillet of beef Nagra, rather small, with lots of lettuce, tomato and celery. For dinner, pour yourself a very generous portion of fruit salad without added sugar.

Try not have banana (or has very little) and combine many citrus. If you wish, you can split it and eat the salad part of the afternoon. Finish the day with a bowl of green tea before bedtime.

    The next day, and the rest of the week, you should keep the same breakfast and try some variations for lunch and dinner.

Some lunch options include grilled chicken breast with tomato and basil leaves and arugula, fish fillets salad with celery, cabbage and cucumber or sauteed (oil) cubed chicken, carrots and celery.

    For dinner try not to eat meat, it is the time when our body processes less efficiently. Some possibilities are boiled spinach in generous portions or different green salad with tomatoes and boiled egg.

    It is difficult to follow this diet: are simple and tasty ingredients. It contains right amount of protein and lots of vegetables, so that's healthy. And best of all: it works.

Now that you know how to lose 10 kilos in a week, what are you waiting to download them on this diet?

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There is a way to boost your system for your body to burn fat and lose 10 kilos you achieve in a week even eat those delicious things that you love.

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