With This Magical Recipe Get Rid of Sagging Eyelids in 2 Minutes!

Elevated fat levels in blood can be sometime noticed when layers of fatty tissue that is yellowish and pimple-sized (especially on the upper eyelids or other parts of the body); appear in the first stage of the condition without any other symptoms.

If you have recently had a blood test done and you the test showed high fat levels we suggest you try out this incredible recipe.

With This Magical Recipe Get Rid of Sagging Eyelids in 2 Minutes! Ingredients:

– 3 figs

– 2 dl homemade apple vinegar


Prepare this remedy in the evening so you can take it in the morning.

Take three dried figs and poke them from all sides with a fork and then put them in a glass bowl in which there is already 2dcl of homemade apple vinegar.

If you put the figs in the vinegar at 8PM (in the evening) you can eat them at 8AM (in the morning).

Don’t throw the vinegar that you have already used, instead, put another three figs in it the next night and prepare the remedy in the same manner.

You can use the same vinegar for 7 days.

The eighth day, take another 2 dl of homemade apple vinegar and repeat the procedure for one more week.

This treatment should last for 14 days.

After using the remedy for half a month, do the blood test once again and you can be sure in the remedy’s effectiveness.

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