1100 Calorie Diet Sample Plan

Daily allowance (100 cals)

275ml/1/2pt skimmed milk

Breakfast (200 cals)
Cereal and fruit

4tbsp bran flakes with semi-skimmed milk and 1 apple.

Lunch (300 cals)
Mozzarella, avocado and tomato salad                                                                         
Slice 50g/2oz reduced-fat Mozzarella cheese and arrange on a plate with 1 sliced tomato, 1/2 small sliced avocado, fresh basil and balsamic vinegar. Serve with salad and a 5cm/2in piece of French bread.

Dinner (400 cals)
Roast pork dinner

Serve 2 thin slices lean roast pork with 2 medium-sized roast potatoes, 2tbsp apple sauce (sweetened with artificial sweetener), vegetables and fat-free gravy.

Snack (100 cals)
3tbsp reduced-fat hummus with crudités.

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