5 Fantastic Changes That Helped This Man To Lose Almost 154 Pounds And Overcome Diabetes

Nutrition and exercise plays a major role in the overall health of a human being. From an infant to person in his old age, proper diet and some amount of physical activity is essential in order to support the proper functioning of all organ systems. Here is a man who lost about 154 pounds by following some amazing weight loss techniques you will read about shortly. Kerry Hoffman weight 343 pounds and had diabetes because of frequent intake of the processed and unhealthy foods. So what best he did to overcome these problems is what you are going to read now.

Physical work outs are actually difficult and so starting with some good and easy cardio exercises can help. You can increase the intensity later on. We would recommend you to take out 10-15 minutes out of your morning and evening time and keep it exclusively for the weight loss regime and workout plan. Take a brisk walk and definitely exercise can help you to reduce weight, if done on regular basis. Make sure to drink plenty of water. Water keeps you full and you tend to eat less.

Cycling and Triathlons

Though cycling was his first start, Kerry actually took the cycling job seriously. He not even left a single cycling or the triathlon event that he came across, though he felt he would be at the last. He’s no stranger to triathlons and cycling, and is used to people coming up to him asking for his weight loss and health advice.

Eating better

Hoffman explains that, in addition to incorporating fitness into his daily routine, he began eliminating junk food from his diet, which he still avoids today. “I eat mainly whole foods. I stay away from processed stuff as much as possible,” he said. “I never ate vegetables or salad before and now two helpings of salad with homemade dressing is a staple every evening, as well as a fresh veggie.

Losing weight, as most are aware, is beneficial for overall health. Not only can losing excess pounds provide relief for the body’s joints and increased energy, but studies show that weight loss achieved at any age also has long-term cardiovascular benefits, suggesting that it’s possible for people to improve health no matter their age.

Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables

Others like Hoffman have also been successful in the weight loss department, attributing their changes to better fitness and dietary habits. For example, Justin Willoughby lost over 550 pounds in part due to giving up high-sugar foods and processed meats and, instead, enjoying natural foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables. There’s also Luis Melendez, who lost 120 pounds and no longer needs to be on certain medications, because he turned to a raw food diet.

Jennifer Lilley is yet another weight loss success story who says her ability to lose, and keep off the 70 pounds she lost, is in large part because of the fact that she includes plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and superfoods in her diet.


Juicing is a hot topic between healthy individuals, believe it or not. Juicing gives you an excellent and amazing nutrition punch. People around the world say that with juicing you will detox your body and you will receive the lacks nutriments. It is specifically useful for the individuals who don’t sufficiently get nutrients of their fresh produce throughout a day. Also it gives a chance to mix different ingredients, making it simpler to meet suggested daily admission. It is a great way to get antioxidants and make tasty mixtures. Juicing is also connected with muscle mass issues, metabolism and absence of fiber.
Now, after all the change he did to his eating habit, he says he feels splendid and more youthful. He says he loves to recollect those days when the doctor just said that he has overcome one of the well known disease like diabetes. It is just wise even for most of us to do the same as he did. Yes, changing the eating and drinking habits will definitely help to reach where you are aiming for. So let us making a big resolution of following this man and get motivated by him. Staying healthy and fit is the right of every individual and you can never afford to lose it.

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