A Woman Cured Cancer Stage 4 With Just 1 Item

A lot of us want to have a healthy lifestyle and good habits, but sadly many diseases inside are not seen in time and emerge when we do not see them coming. This article is about a woman named Ann Cameron, children’s book author of more than 15 books. In 2012 she got the colon cancer in stage 3 and wanted to share her story. It is just about one miracle item that saved her!

Her husband died of lung cancer in 2005 and he even had chemo. She wanted to heal herself the opposite way, no chemo.

When she got the diagnosis, she right away went to surgery for cancer removal but that required chemo afterwards. She was disappointed since her husband didn’t respond good to the chemo and wanted to go chemo-free. So, she needed alternative medicine.

She spent a lot of her time searching for such medicines. Then, she heard of Ralph Core, a 26 year old that had skin cancer. He had a story about curing his cancer with just 2.5 kg carrot juice every day!

She did the same thing in the same dosages.

8 weeks passed and her test check up showed the cancer did not spread anymore and the tumors in the glands and lymph system decreased.

4 months passed and still no signs of tumors growing more and more!

Then, after 8 months, the scans showed NO tumors whatsoever and the cancer was gone.

Some supplements are forbidden during curing, but carrot juice is allowed. This juice is perfect with the chemo and radiation so no side effects from it. However, Anne wanted the juice only and not the chemo.


Her answer was that if you were overall healthy, you won’t have to go under chemo, the juice can cure as well.  You will not get more sick if you postpone the chemo and trying the juice will not do harm, you can only benefit from it. This juice can stop the cancer cell growing and tumors too.

Try this in case you hesitate, there is never side effect in natural, chemical-free methods!

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