Lose 15 kilos in 15 days with this incredible diet

First day

On the first day of the diet, have a cup of coffee with sweetener, simple and unaccompanied. At lunch, two hard boiled eggs and vegetables that can be asparagus, or spinach, or chard, or lettuce and tomato with carrot. For dinner, ham will be the dish to taste.

Second day

It will consist of a cup of coffee with sweetener and cookies in the water. At lunch, a steak accompanied by a fruit salad, the ones you want. For dinner, ham, the amount you want.

Third day

This day you will enjoy a cup of coffee with sweetener and water crackers, cream crackers style. For lunch, two boiled eggs accompanied by a salad of sausage and two toast. At dinner, ham and vegetable salad.

Fourth day

Have coffee with salty crackers. At lunch, a boiled egg, accompanied by a carrot and thin cheese without salt. At dinner, fruit salad accompanied by natural yogurt.

Fifth day

For breakfast, you will taste carrot juice with lemon and a cup of coffee with sweetener. At lunch, grilled chicken all you want. At dinner, two boiled eggs accompanied by carrots.

Sixth day

At breakfast you prepare a rich coffee with cookies in the water. For lunch, grilled fish fil├ęt accompanied with tomato, the amount you want. At dinner time, two boiled eggs accompanied by carrot.

Seventh day

Have an exquisite coffee with sweetener and lemon. At lunchtime, prepare a grilled steak with fruit, the amount you want. At dinner, you can choose your favorite dish, except sweets and alcoholic beverages.

At the end of the week, start the new one with the first day of the diet and until the end of 15 days. You may need some encouragement to continue with the diet after the first week because it is not easy to abruptly change your diet but simply think "Come on, lose 15 kilos in 15 days and feel good again with yourself (your name )! "And I assure you that you will want to continue.

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At the end of the diet, you will have lost 15 kilos. Remember to drink plenty of fluids, especially water, to help the body eliminate toxins.

As explained above, it is important not to lengthen the duration of this diet, even if you feel good and think that you can continue eating this way. This is a fast diet that helps but is not a definitive solution because our body needs some food that during this time will not consume.

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