Try This Incredible Diet Plan, Lose 7 kg in 7 days, Refresh The Body And Feel Better!

Cucumber is one of the healthiest veggies, full of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients for the body. The large amounts of water in this veggie improve the metabolism, cleanse the digestive tract and clear the body of toxins.

This powerful diuretic helps in removing the excess fluid and burns fat from the body. According to many eminent nutritionists, dietitians and doctors, cucumber is crucial veggie in the process of weight loss.

Today we will present you an extremely effective diet plan that will help you burn the excess pounds in very short period of time:

Here is the plan:

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and salad of cucumber

Snack: plum, peach and apple

Lunch: a slice of whole wheat bread and salad of cucumber

Snack: cucumber shake

Dinner: any fruit

Repeat this diet plan for one week



Pinch of salt
200 ml sour milk and yogurt
400 g cucumber

1/2 cup of spinach
An apple
A cucumber
Have a nice day and enjoy your body like never before!

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